John Fooks

Sales and Marketing Consultant

I grew up in Redcliffe and have spent most of my life in and around the area and have seen many changes over the years, mostly for the better. This is a beautiful and diverse location which has so much to offer from a livable perspective.

Most of my career has been sales based and predominately self employed for well over 20 years. In 2008 I sold my retail businesses to a large multi-national company to pursue a new career. After having spent so long working with the public and in sales it seemed to be a natural progression to take up a role within the Real Estate industry.

My greatest career highlight would have to be looking after the sale of a friends 1.67Ha estate which sold for over $2.5 million. A very simple, no stress procedure and in a shorter time frame then expected. Very satisfying for them and myself.

I look forward to helping you obtain the same level of outcome with your next sale of either your investment property or your personal residential home.

Yours in Sales,

                       John Fooks.

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