Caleb Reis

Business Development Manager

Caleb Reis is well known for his high level of service, professionalism and his staunch commitment to deliver the best possible results in each and every real estate transaction.

Caleb has the ability to build an instant rapport with clients, he always puts people first and simply loves the industry he works in. His passion for meeting and helping people shines out clearly. 

Caleb strongly believes that there is no better recommendation than that of a satisfied client as a result of his outstanding dedication, Caleb's real estate background is filled with happy clients - the ultimate testament to Caleb's professionalism and his well-developed ability to achieve successful outcomes. 

Caleb's past clients say "it's great to have someone who cares about doing all of the small things to make sure we get a great result". 

Caleb is a brilliant communicator who possesses considerable people skills and is focused on delivering on every promise, providing quality service on every level and exercising care in every situation. 

When you enlist Caleb Reis to find a tenant for your property, you can be guaranteed to receive quality service, support and the best possible result.